To Myself

To Myself is a photography-based performance which took placed in the three-hour-exhibition Peripherie VII: Urwald in the Sachsenwald, a forest near Hambrug.

During the exhibition a chosen tree kept being shot with a polaroid camera. Once a instant photo was done it was shown in a hole under the tree. Each photo was marked with the time and date when it was taken. After the three hours the hole was burry with all the instant photo inside.



《致自己》是一次以摄影为主体的行为艺术实践。该行为在一场名为近郊VII:原始森林的户外展览中实现,历时三小时,地点在汉堡近郊的萨克森森林里。 在整个户外展览中,森林中的一棵树被反复拍摄,所得的拍立得照片随即被放入事先在树下挖好的洞内展示。每张拍立得照片均被标注拍摄日期于拍摄时间。三小时之后展览结束,洞被封上,所有照片被一同掩埋。