Chen’s photographic project Botany is a documentation of the Botanical Institute of KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) in Germany. Like other botanical Institutes, they have a few research directions on certain species, most of them with high economic value, such as grapevine, tobacco and rice. Besides supporting the research of the scientists, their own garden is also open to the public, showing different plants around the world.

Plants from different geographic backgrounds exist under the same roof. Tiny changes made in molecular level influence the behaviour of plants in macro scale. The period of generation varies from one day to several weeks, depending on which plant is studied. And all these are controlled and observed by the scientific system carefully and with purpose.

These photographs were created in collaboration with the AIME project - AN INQUIRY INTO MODES OF EXISTENCE led by french sociologist Bruno Latour. Special thank to botanical Institute of KIT.



本作品为应法国社会学家布鲁诺•拉图尔之邀, 为其大型社会调查项目《关于存在模式的调查》(AIME) 而作。